Everyone wants to grow old but no one wants to be old.

Smartaging Swiss offers you an individual assessment conducted by a dermatologist and advises you in the field of medical-aesthetic treatments.

A skin measurement, a dermatoscopic whole-body examination, an analysis of the muscle apparatus, and an individualized blood test provide the necessary measured data for your personalized therapy concept.

There are many specialists from different fields working in our practice: dermatologists, laser professionals, surgeons and medical cosmeticians all working towards one common goal: giving you healthy and beautiful skin. State of the art lasers, carefully selected products and smooth cosmetic techniques facilitate specially tailored treatments.

We do not believe in Antiaging, however, there are many things we can do to ensure Smartaging.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin - Prevention the best Smartaging

At the age of 50 we have had 700 different layers of skin, since it regenerates itself every 28 days.

Surrounding the topic of beauty there are many questions which can only be answered individually.

"Everyone who keeps the ability to recognize beauty is never getting older." - Kafka


Skin, Muscle and Blood Analysis
Kosmetik und Füsse
Cosmetics and Bodyforming
Laser Treatments